Our industry is among the most stable in the U.S., offering investors large returns with minimal risk.

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The profound growth dynamics of the senior population and the feat of the senior housing industry has sparked new opportunities in the investment environment. Investors who liked to invest in commercial real estate are now considering their options in senior living investment for consistent profits and development prospects. We, at Accex Capital, offering crowdfunding for interested investors to fund bigger projects and make bigger assets.

In the last few years, senior living facilities have successfully emerged as a high-performing commercial real estate market. This growth rate, and increased interest from commercial real estate investors, is driven primarily by demographic trends seen among elderly Americans. Accex Capital works within one of the most stable investment industry of the U.S, offering opportunities for large returns with nominal risk.

Accex Capital works within one of the most stable investment industry of the U.S

Accex Capital works within one of the most stable investment industry of the U.S, offering opportunities for large returns with nominal risk.

Step into a new, rapidly growing dimension of private real estate investing.

Invest your money according to your goals. Whether you are looking to generate passive income, secure your savings, or invest in the long term, we will make sure that you get the best returns.

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Once you invest with Accex Capital, you can sit back and watch your money grow… we handle the rest.
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Our team has over 30 years of experience managing homes for senior living, and we continue to seek opportunities to improve our service to residents. Seeking investors often proved to be expensive and challenging. We realized that crowd funding would give us the opportunity to grow and expand our facilities. That realization led us to start Accex Capital.

We are trusted by more than 5,000 investors

Many people wish to invest in Senior Living communities, but often do not have enough capital to fund the projects on their own. Accex Capital pools the funds of our investors together to achieve the funding needed for these large projects.

We are experts in our field

Over 30 years of experience in managing properties has helped make us professionals in the matter.

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I was always looking for ways to invest my money that will get me some sort of result without risking too much and to make it productive. So far finding AccexCapital has been the best idea ever presented to me. It has given me the opportunity to invest my money in the U.S. and knowing that will always be there is definitely my comfort zone.

Franco Martinez Manager, Digital Media

One morning researching about business opportunities I found this website and found how easy is to securely place my savings in a way that will get me cashflow year to year. Very happy with their service!

Marta Santos Business Woman

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